Enterprise Multifunction Printers

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Konica Minolta’s award-winning bizhub office colour multifunction printers (MFPs) offer cost-effective, high-performance, high-value document management solutions for any enterprise office setting. The bizhub office product line delivers a broad range of print, copy, scan, and fax speeds with advanced finishing options. Colour multifunction printers feature security options that can be customized for the specific needs of your business.Drive the Konica Minolta colour MFPs with software solution to enhance business productivity and efficiency.

Key Features

High Printing Speed and Productivity

The excellent fast-speed output capability of the bizhub PRESS 1250 and PRESS 1052, up to 125 and 105 pages per minute* respectively, boasts the productivity to 7,500 and 6,300 pages per hour. They assure a fast print speed for a more efficient workflow.

PS Plug-in Driver

Adjustable tone curves and screenings via the Tone Curve utility. This smart utility allows more control over output with easy to adjust density, contrast and brightness in images before printing. The Plug-in also permit users to optimise print quality with control over CIE Colour images and selectable dot screen settings.

Air-Suction Paper Feed

The bizhub PRO 1250 / 1052 utilizes an air-suction paper feed unit that blows air from the sides and front. The paper then adheres to the conveyance belt by air suction. This reduces slipping caused by powder on the sheets, and ensures greater stability for high-speed output. The suction strength is automatically adjusted depending on paper type for optimized handling.

Flexible Inline Finishing

From hole punching, folding, corner and centre stapling to perfect binding, high-performance, high-productivity inline finishers allow the bizhub PRESS 1250/1052 to be optimally expanded to handle an abundance of orders.

High Affinity & System Expandability

Main unit authentication and IC Card Authentication: Reinforce information security with the main unit authentication which supports external servers such as Active Directory and centralised management of user information; and touch-type authentication using non-contact IC cards which only allows bizhub PRESS access with employee IDs.

Designed For Environmental Consideration

Developed not only give excellent image quality results, but to ensure that you can take the printed sheet and create the finished product. An added bonus is that at the same time you can sit back and feel happy that you are improving your environmental credentials due to the toner's 10% biomass content.