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Immersive visualization systems from NEXTPLUS SYSTEM are high tech systems that consist of advanced displays, image generating computers, video switching/distribution, and perhaps most importantly, suitable application software that allows users to be immersed into a displayed image.In an immersive environment, images are often displayed in stereoscopic 3D. Tracking systems can also be utilized, enabling a user to move all around in a 3D "virtual" or simulated environment, and even interact with data in real time. The result is an experience that looks and feels like it is real.

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offer perfect solution for any video wall or control room visualizations requirement. Integration of high-technology hardware and software components ensure the best graphics performance over the entire wall surface.

GPU Accelerated

Whether you are designing components or large, complex assemblies NVIDIA® professional graphics improve the performance of your design application. From Quadro GPUs , Tesla that help you manipulate your models to the new NVIDIA Multi-GPU technology that enables simultaneous renderings or simulations on the same system as your CAD application – we can help you get your best work done, faster.


The DepthQ® HDs3D-1 high-definition 3D projector is the 3rd generation of Lightspeed Design, Inc.'s patented portable stereoscopic projectors, offering superior contrast, synchronization and crosstalk ("ghosting") for 3D professionals. These projectors leverage nearly two decades of professional 3D knowledge and expertise to deliver the highest-quality, most satisfying and hassle-free 3D experience possible - right out of the box.

Control Table & Chair

It is ideal for the control room using multiple monitor to deal with multitude of information in real time, such as dealing room, data center, building and factory monitoring center and so on.In order to meet future IT equipment and organizational change flexibly, and at low cost,it uses fundamental D-MOLO philosophy, by making the parts modular, and combine the usage as needed.